Mission Statement

TeamLARD participates in and promotes the international sport of dragon boat racing. We support a healthy lifestyle through regular exercise. We work to create a positive atmosphere that recognizes both the importance of diversity and of every teammate’s individual contribution to the team. We foster each member’s growth and development both as a paddler and as an integral member of our community. We encourage and assist the development and growth of new teams. We strive to compete at the highest level of dragon boat racing while promoting and maintaining our core values:

team spirit
TEAMWORK we pull together as a team to attain our goals
ACCOUNTABILITY each team member is responsible for contributing to the operations of our team
FRIENDSHIP we cultivate a spirit of camaraderie and are dedicated to our teammates
GOOD SPORTSMANSHIP we demonstrate our spirit by being good losers and gracious winners
COURTESY we create an inclusive environment marked by the respect of others
HONESTY our conduct is straightforward and fair
LOYALTY we are faithful to our team
COURAGE we have the resolve to be true to our values in actions, as well as in words
Los Angeles Racing Dragons Foundation

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